The solution was closer than I thought but 1.5 kilometres from my home at Nooteboom

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The solution was closer than I thought

“It was clear to me early on that a career in engineering was the right path. My interest in it started at a young age, but it was truly confirmed when I began tinkering with mopeds, motorcycles, and cars. That’s why I chose to pursue a degree at HTS Automotive, focusing on lightweight construction and design.”

“After completing my education, I started working as a structural engineer at Spierings Cranes. I quickly realized that I wasn’t happy with this job and that this role wasn’t for me. I then started searching for something that suited me better and discovered that a job where you work with your hands was the right fit. However, finding such a job that aligns with a bachelor’s degree wasn’t easy.”

“Ultimately, the solution was closer than I thought, just 1.5 kilometers from my home, at Nooteboom Trailers. I was offered a challenge as a repair technician. It quickly became clear that this was the right fit for me, and as a result, I went back to work with pleasure. I advanced to become an MOT inspector and later a service technician. All of this was organized by Nooteboom. I served as chairman of the works council for three years. That left me wanting more. For almost a year now, I have had the opportunity to advance to the position of assistant branch manager of Service Wijchen. Here too, I see plenty of challenges to make something beautiful out of it together!”

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