The application process
from Team Nooteboom

To a new job in 6 steps!

At Nooteboom Group we prefer to keep our application process as transparent as possible. That is why you will find here an overview of what our search for a new colleague looks like:


We write our vacancy and list what we are looking for in a new colleague.
We first check within our own organization whether we already have colleagues who are a good fit for the new vacancy.

step1 specify position advertise

STEP 1 – Post a vacancy

No one found? Then we will open the vacancy to the public! Anyone can comment, no matter where you come from. Of course, look carefully at the qualities and any education or experience that you are looking for in the vacancy, and make sure that your application letter is well composed.

step2 initial selection

STEP 2 – For selection

Our recruiter will start working on the applications that come in and inventory all responses.

step3 first interview

STEP 3 – First round

Are you a good fit for this vacancy? Then we invite you for a first conversation! During this meeting we get to know each other and discuss the vacancy. We discover from both sides whether there is a click and whether the vacancy suits you well by asking a lot of application questions.

step4 second interview

STEP 4 – Second round

Are we completely enthusiastic about you? You will then receive an invitation for a second interview together with one other applicant. The questions in this job interview delve deeper into the position and your ambitions and skills.

step5 job offer

STEP 5 – Offer

Maybe you are the lucky one we prefer! If that is the case, you will receive a proposal from us in the final phase of the application process. Do you accept it and become a member of Team Nooteboom?

step6 hiring onboarding

STEP 6 – Welcome & Onboarding

And then it doesn’t actually start until after your first working day, depending on your position, there is an orientation and introductory process.

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